I am sitting in a rental condo in Duck, North Carolina. The sausage links are frying in the pan, an infomercial for the Bissel Symphony.is playing on the tube, and, outside the mist and wind of the tail end of a Nor’Easter make a mockery of our. “sun n’ fun” vacation.  Enough TV. I just started Glenn Gould’s recording of J.S. Bach’s  Goldberg Variations.  It is one recording that I must have. 

Despite the rain, this vacation has been great. I went to the Outer Banks YMCA yesterday and, after paying the $10 guest fee, I swam 1750 meters. I had not done a swim workout in forever. My weight loss plan has derailed and II have felt uneasy for about two months. That changed on this trip.  I have been reading, spending time with my wife, eating some fresh, local seafood, walking, swimming and generally enjoying myself.

The book I am reading is The Slave from Laura Antonio’s The Marketplace Series. She tells a good story., making this fantasy of “voluntary”  human trafficking seem plausible.

Have a new tablet computer. I am using the hunt and peck keyboard and I don’t”t think the italic font went off. Oh well. Deal with it.