This post is coming in episodes. Pre-walk.  Post-walk. The immaculate snow of Friday/Saturday has transformed into this grubby white junk on the ground. Between snow plows, tracked front-end loaders, and Mr. Sun, the beautiful pristine snow of Sunday morning has turned into dingy gray piles. The good news is that there is plenty of dry pavement for a good walk. The temperature is almost 60, I would wager. I’m looking forward to getting outside.

It was a slow, lazy morning. I read some WordPress posts from bloggers I follow.  I’ve learned not to be judgmental about people, to read or listen and accept what they say and find the common ground.  That doesn’t me I agree with a statement or opinion. It’s just that they are my neighbors here in McLuhan’s Global Village and their humanity means something to me. You never know.

About Eleven O’Clock, I came up to check some websites on the big ‘puter, ’cause it’s easier on my eyes here.  My e-mail was uneventful.  I’m going have to check with my surgeon’s office about whether they filed the paperwork with my disability carrier. It appears nothing has happened in the past few weeks and I’m tired of living off savings.

OK, time to get dressed. I have this burgundy colored jock strap I wear under my shorts to keep my “junk” secure. I feel very sexual when I wear it. It is very soft yet secure. Could be just a tee-shirt under the back brace. It is that warm a day. Here I go. Later people.