My orthopedic surgeon cleared me to swim at my recent office visit, June 20. I had been taking my return  gradually, swimming laps after my one hour session of treading water. Today,  I decided to swim before I did the treading. I thought swimming the same distance I swam Tuesday , 650 meters, would be a good continuation.  When 650 meters passed, I said 850 meters would be a good stopping point, then after 850 m, I told myself 1000 m, then after 1000 m, 1250,  after 1250 m a mile. So at 1650 meters, (what I use for a mile) I stopped. I felt good. My back muscles were a little sore, no worse than after physical therapy, but I did it! My level of cardiovascular fitness is good. The walking and the treading water have maintained my “cardio” fitness, so the transition to swimming was easier than I thought.  This was the first mile swim I have completed since I tore my rotator cuff in December of 2014.  This is a big personal victory for me.

Herein lies the irony. If I can swim that far, how come toting  Dorothy’s kitty was so hard for me yesterday? Holding  that weight is different from moving through the water, most decidedly.

This brings up one of my passionate issues.  I believe older people (I consider myself an older person) should get active and stay active. Too often I have seen the quality of life for seniors decline when they reduce their physical activity.  My experience shows that we can come back after injuries as younger people can. We may have to change our exercise preferences, but it can be done.  If  you aren’t yet “old” and read my blog, get active.

And quit smoking!