Today, Dorothy my stepmother and I took her kitty to the vet to have her feline diabetes checked.  The condition is responding well to the dietary changes instituted earlier in June. So no kitty meds are needed now.

What knocked me for a loop was toting Sugar (the cat) in her kitty carrier. Too much weight was a little reminder that life before the fusion isn’t coming back. If I can’t lift a cat  (admittedly a little chubby) and a carrier  without feeling pain for the rest of the day , I guess I am disabled. For real.

After my ice pack afternoon respite, I made my daily visit to check on Grace, my sister’s cat, whilst she is on vacation. Grace is a sweet cat who rests her head on my thigh while I sit during my visit. I could be a cat person very easily.

I came home,  fixed a veggie and cheese wrap that reflected my Weight Watchers meal planning. I did some more cold therapy on my back, then got up for some cleaning.

Now I sit, sipping my decaf, writing the blog, and watching Lord Kenneth Clark’s epic documentary Civilisation.  The particular episode I’m watching, The Fallacies of Hope,  deals with the roots of Romanticism in the French Revolution.

I want sleep to come, but I want a sweet thought to spawn a dream. So I stay awake, hoping that sublime moment will creep in.

Oh Well. Good Night all.