So it’s been a while since I put my actual thoughts, feelings and activities into the blog. I’ve thought about a lot of things I would like to say, from a bucket list of my deeper desires, to thoughts about our narcissistic culture, to my latest endeavors around getting our house free of junk.  Through it all I’ve read y’all’s blogs and am grateful I don’t have to face the problems some of you are experiencing, and am jealous of the FUN some of you all are having.

Let’s start with the conundrum that is sex.  Some people look at sex as a struggle between procreation and pleasure, that the experience of any kind sexual pleasure is ipso facto  a perversion.  The sole legitimate purpose of sex from that perspective is procreation, bringing another human being into the world.  Well, we all know that that is  quite the yoke to place around a person’s neck.  On the other hand to devalue procreative sex is to deny our humanity.  We need to nurture, both men and women.   There is, I think a middle ground, a via media.  Sex is about intimacy.  From that intimacy springs both ecstatic pleasure and new life. There is dissent from my position.  I get that, but I’m not here to argue.  I respect all perspectives on sex.

Next: THE HOUSE.   This place is chock full of crap, Mrs CorC’s old client files, books I probably won’t read, clothes I won’t wear, tchotchkes collecting dust.  I’ve written about it before and letting go of it is hard. It is the wasted energy of my life made both tangible and burdensome.  The latest strategy involves my working on one room at a time. My bedroom/ man cave is getting attention. I just discovered that an affiliate of Books A Million, 2nd & Charles,  buys used books and am selling some of my stuff to them.  Thank God. They evaluate up to three boxes of books a day and make an offer on the books they think they can sell.  The real value lies in getting the books out of the house; the books they don’t take can go directly to the Goodwill Donation Center situated across the street.

Speaking of which, time to load my three daily boxes and get going.