Leather, Cleaned and Shiny


I have a leather belt that I have used for years. It is a go-to in my wardrobe. I wear it with jeans and khakis mostly.

My sudden attention to my appearance prompted me to take a look at The Belt. The buckle might be shined with an application of Brasso© and Elbow Grease. To my pleasant surprise, the buckle shines quite nicely. It is some sort of nickel/steel alloy. Looking at the leather, I see a dry, dull surface, uncared for. I get out the Zymol© Leather Cleaner, work it in and see some dirt come up. I get excited. I find some neutral shoe polish, work that in too, brush and buff it. I am pleased. But there are patches that need color. I use cordovan polish and brush and buff. Looking even better. 

Who will notice this attention to detail to The Belt? I will!

Up, Again. Too Early?


This morning I woke around 3:45, and decide I shall be up for awhile. I turn on YouTube and resume watching Phillippe Noiret in Coup De Torchon. I remember seeing this film when it was released. Over time, I became a huge Phillipe Noiret fan. Cinema Paradiso is my favorite Noiret film.  So yeah, I’m guilty of being a sentimental slob.The YouTube version of Coup De Torchon is chopped up and hard to follow. I lose interest, but can’t get back to bed. 

 Eventually I end up watching an infomercial for the Abdoer360, a product that promises incredible results!  This device features a seat that rotates on a chair platform and promises to give you a great abdominal workout.  Given that Infomercial World is a magic place where amazing things happen, I suppose that’s possible. 

Finally I go back to bed.  When I wake up, I have the “I didn’t sleep enough” feeling. Mrs CorC? is heading to work. I have a day where a swim isn’t mandatory and the chores can wait. Bedtime can be whenever I want it. 

I made decaf. And my eyeballs want to know what my eyelids are doing open.  A fantasy creeps into my head about what kind of lover I would be today, after my sexuality has been bottled up for 10+ years. A follow-up fantasy follows of a woman I’ve never met, but who has an aura of passion about her. Need, longing, lust escape the little prison we call today.

Feeling Down.

Here it is the end of the day. I did everything I was supposed to do, everything that I wanted to do. I have a real feeling of success. And yet…

Mrs CirC? announced she is working tomorrow. That’s OK. We do very little together, except eat at restaurants, go to Church, or watch Highway Patrol in bed.  For a change of pace, I Love Lucy is in the DVD for tonight’s viewing pleasure. She falls asleep while it plays.

She tells me she loves me. She means it. But the feeling of being loved doesn’t ignite within me.  The positive aspect about this emotional torture is that I don’t want to eat to make it go away. 

Sucks to be human. Sometimes.

Quest for 40 Miles And Other Stuff.


I am swimming an awful lot this month, averaging six days out of seven.  At one point, I saw that I could swim a total of forty miles this month.  Then, when my sister and her husband went on vacation to Florida, I saw that this goal was readily within reach. You see DH, my brother-in-law, usually takes D my stepmom to the Y on days when I don’t. So with going to the Y daily darn near mandatory, there was no reason for me to wheedle out of a swim.  As of yesterday, I have swum 26.4 miles (42.5km). This leaves a little over thirteen miles left with ten days to finish. At 2500 meters per day, this is readily do-able.  The good news is my repaired parts, especially my rotator cuff, are holding up.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen,  I have been trying new stuff.  I had some leftover slow-cooked cilantro lime chicken I made pulled chicken tacos with. I did cheat and use a packet of Old El Paso Chicken Taco Seasoning.  I found Ortega Blue Corn Taco Shells.  Even 60+ year-old Adults like Taco Night.  I also made a sweet & sour red cabbage/apple side dish, spiced with cinnamon, clove and coriander that was also yummy. Real easy to make: slice or chop the red cabbage.  Core a Granny Smith apple and cut in rings.  Put in a non-stick skillet over medium heat, turning frequently. Add the spices. I don’t measure. I use the “That tastes good.” standard. When good and cooked down, I add a tablespoon of turbinado sugar (brown sugar would also work) and a tablespoon of vinegar.  Maybe more, if that sweet/sour experience is your “thing”.  Turn down the heat to warm or thereabouts. Remember to eat it.

At three A.M, when I couldn’t sleep, I woke up and read a story in a Lesbian BDSM anthology, I “inherited” from my deceased lesbian cousin’s cache of books. The Second Coming  is a collection of stories essays and photographs compiled by Pat (now Patrick) Califia and Robin Sweeney. (Alyson Books, 1996)The story “Possession”  by Sorel Husbands is a pretty powerful gang rape fantasy, that works because of how it deals with emotions and psychology.  Not for the squemish, but the author emphasizes that it is fantasy.   My erotic sensibilities and experiences are, more or less, on hiatus.  So I read a lot of stuff, somewhat dispassionately.

The balance of today will consist of the Y and a swim, AA, finding something for lunch, and dreaming up something to fix for dinner. Salmon appears to be winning. I’ll find some asparagus too.

Life is good.

Hug your children.

Love your lovers .

Make sure your pets are well hydrated.

Keep cool.


Cleans Up Good


I have reported about my weight loss for several weeks. Sunday I tried on one of my “skinny suits” and it fit! So I tried on a jacket and trousers that I had not worn in years. They fit too.  For the AA meeting today I wore my jacket and tie. The immediate response and running joke at AA when one shows up dressed up is, “How did court go today?” Or “What time is the funeral?”

But I dressed up just for fun. And wearing a jacket and tie is almost comfortable when not required to be worn. 

So anyway, here is the lame-ass selfie I took.

Out of curiosity, are any of you ladies out there sexually attracted to men wearing suits and ties?

More Baby Steps

I was all stoked about getting the Schwinn back in working order to ride. However…

I am NOT in working order and ready to ride. My adductors, in my left leg particularly are more than a little inflexible. These muscles are not stretched out; swimming seems to make no difference. I discovered this when trying to mount the bike.  I got my leg over the bike, but took a tumble before we had a chance to adjust the saddle height. Balance issues too. 

They say one never forgets how to ride a bike. “They” don’t say anything about getting on one in the first place. 

 Baby Steps That Make For Success


I bought a bicycling helmet today at REI. What a great store! I definitely will get the bike rack there.  My brother’s old Chicago-made Schwinn 10-speed is ready. So cycling is in my future.

Today was another hot day, but I took care of myself, exercised, ate right, and even took a nap! It would be nicer if I weren’t hot, but this day was filled with the little accomplishments that make for satisfying days.

Tomorrow I pick up the bike, hang around the house for the HVAC service call, and go to the Y with D, my stepmother and workout buddy. It won’t be in that order. But close.

Sweaty Summer Nights


Tonight I am on vacation from the uninterrupted state of comfort that air conditioning affords. The thermostat is acting up. Oh well. 

Sweaty summer nights always bring back the memories of when I couldn’t afford AC. but my libido and the libido of my lover functioned independently of any thermostat. To be naked, and horny, and available, and horny and sweaty and horny is one delightful place to be. 

We were more alive .  I remember the taste of her pussy, tinged I think with the tobacco that would one day kill her. And to watch her cum as our bellies were joined by a thin adhesive of sweat.  What could possibly end this party?

Unmet expectations.



And end it did. 

Eating In Lisbon


I am watching a video on YouTube of a gastronome ( fancy word for Foodie), eating in a bunch of restaurants in Lisbon. I don’t need to watch this after my recent weight loss successes. If you ever doubted the accuracy of the term “food porn”, this video will dispel all scepticism.  The guy doing this video is thin as a reed. He must either have a turbocharged metabolism or he vomits a lot!

I have wanted to go to Lisbon ever since I became a devotee´ of Fado, Portugal’s version of the blues.  Maybe there is nothing to do in Lisbon but eat and listen to Fado.  If so, you could do much, much worse.

The surprising thing about the cuisine is how much they use codfish in the dishes. Actually, not surprising, when one pauses to consider the Portuguese have fished off North America for nearly five hundred years. Cod, bacalao, is salted, then rinsed, and prepared. Also I noticed the humble garbanzo bean, chickpeas.  As one of the world’s preeminent spice traders since the time of Columbus, Portuguese cuisine is anything but bland.

Lisbon, anyone?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Weight Watchers! (Just kidding)